Transfer Articulation Process


  • Transfer Articulation is the educational process of adding student information from the marks sheet to a web application using enterprise tools such as Abbyy and UiPath.

Objective of the automation

The objective of the Articulation process is to update the course information of the students on the website from the actual marks sheet. 

Solution Overview 

  • Downloading the marksheets from website:

BOT downloads the marksheets of the students from the website (or downloading the mark sheets which are uploaded by students) and place it in a folder.

  • Extraction:

Use Abbyy flexi capture as OCR tool to create templates and extract the required information for the marks sheets that are placed in the folder and pushed to the database.


  • Data Verification:
    Extracted Data will be passed through the verification station based on the confidence level of each marksheet, if anything has been missed, or any data correction needs to be done will happen at this stage.


  • Data manipulation:

Extracted Data will be manipulated based on the standard structure, apply normalization for Date conversions, Address extractors, College/School mapping.

  • Validations:

             The information extracted from the marksheets are then validated based on business

requirements (validation to check for course exists by comparing data with client’s            database, transfer course information, etc…) 

  • Uploading the information extracted from marksheets to website: 

The Validated I formations from the database are entered in the website and are articulated.

What are the benefits?

  1. Elimination of Repetitive Manual Tasks -The people currently involved in doing the Report Generation task can be free from it and would rather do something more significant.
  2. Improved Efficiency – Efficiency is something every business goes for.  The Automation ensures a smooth purchase order execution process that results in better efficiency.
  3. Reduced Errors – Automation Systems are better than humans at doing repetitive tasks that require accuracy.  
  4. Faster Delivery – A BOT would finish any task in general far quicker than any human, hence ensuring faster delivery. Same goes for the tasks in the Transfer Articulation Process.
  5. Reduced Costs – The BOT once deployed will do the Articulation efficiently, effectively and quickly and it will never ask for any payment in return for it. 


Implementation life cycle

The entire process was built in one phase. The phase consisted of:


  1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis.
  2. Process Design Document
  3. Setting up the process skeleton.
  4. Development
  5. Unit Testing
  6. Integration 
  7. Integration Testing
  8. Deployment onto the client machine via RDP


Application Used

  1. Outlook.
  2. Excel.
  3. Website
  4. MSSQL
  5. OracleSQL
  6. Abbyy Flexicapture version 12

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